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Biography of John de Ruiter

17th June

John de Ruiter is a Canadian philosopher and author whose thoughts have reached and influenced thousands of people. He teaches through public question-and-answer meetings held at his College in Edmonton, Canada, and in city and university lecture halls in many countries around the world.

Boyhood, School and Skills 1959-1981

John de Ruiter was born on November 11th 1959, one of two boys and two girls raised by Dutch immigrant parents in the town of Stettler, Alberta, Canada. While still a boy he was taught shoe repair by his father, who was one of a long line of fine shoemakers from De Bildt in the Netherlands. The shoe repair was done after school, mainly on Saturday mornings, by John from the age of twelve. His work was good and his father paid him fairly, earning the boy more than usual pocket money for …


The Meeting in the Church of St James

25th May

John de Ruiter at St James Piccadilly

“True inner contentment sides unconditionally with what it

knows is true, regardless of personal cost” (1)

Unveiling Reality

by John de Ruiter, College of Integrated Philosophy, 2001

The Meeting in the Church of St James

with John de Ruiter

“William Blake, the most spiritual of artists, a mystic poet and painter, born amid the gloom of a London November in 1757 at Golden Square, Soho, was christened on the 11th of December, one in a batch of six, from Grinling Gibbon’s ornate font in Wren’s noble Palladian church of St James”, Piccadilly. (2)

In his lifetime Christopher Wren was celebrated as much for his achievements in mathematics as for his fame in architecture. Bishop Isaac Barrow in his inaugural speech as professor of …